Community is Immunity

>> Under the leadership of MD/PhD student Omer Shkedi, a group of Technion doctoral students volunteered in virology labs in order to speed up the processing of COVID-19 tests. Medical students also volunteered in Rambam’s mental health clinic – an initiative of Dr. Vered Tal; and in a project to keep in touch with Holocaust survivors and senior citizens through the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims. In addition, the Technion Students Association (TSA) organized blood drives on campus.

>> Technion medical students joined Magen David Adom (MDA) at the drive-through COVID-19 testing station in Haifa, as well as testing people in their homes. They were trained at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and at the MDA station in Haifa.

>> Hundreds of Technion students volunteered to support the nationwide measures to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

>> Technion students joined Haifa’s Welfare Department to support senior citizens in self-isolation. In addition, more than 150 Technion students helped provide meals to elderly citizens in need. Volunteers packed and distributed the meals throughout the Haifa region.

>> In a project led by Dr. Lilach Dolev, medical students supported clinics, taking on tasks such as triage and equipping suspected Coronavirus patients with protective gear. They also assisted call centers.

>> Tomer Robinov in action as Head of Social Acitivities at the Technion Students Association (TSA), and champion of the computer refurbishment project.

>> Another TSA project involved the refurbishing and distribution of computers to children and students, for online learning. The volunteers personally delivered the computers to the homes of eligible recipients.


Technion Student Association Ido Biran Vice Chairperson Message