50 Technion COVID-19 Research Labs

In June 2020, Rambam Health Care Campus and Technion further strengthened their powerful partnership with a joint research fund for interdisciplinary projects to develop new therapies, rapid diagnostics, technologies to protect medical staff, and innovations in healthcare.

50DIAGNOSTICS  Virology collaborative research lab I Prof. Yotam Bar-On I Medicine  >>  AI to identify people infected with COVID-19 and diagnose respiratory problems I Prof. Joachim Behar, Dr. Danny Eitan, Dr. Ronit Almog I Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Rambam HCC  >>Microfluidic method for microscale diagnostics I Prof. Moran Bercovici I Mechanical Engineering  >>  Ultrasound for lung imaging I Prof. Alex Bronstein, Dr. Oren Caspi, Prof. Ron Kimmel and Doron Shaked I Computer Science, Rambam HCC, GE  >> Sensor for rapid COVID-19 diagnosis using CRISPR technology I Prof. Ramez Daniel I Biomedical Engineering  >>  Sewage surveillance system for COVID-19 I Prof. Eran Friedler I Civil and Environmental Engineering  >>  Simulator to optimize exit strategies I Prof. Nir Gavish, Prof. Omri Barak I Mathematics, Medicine  >>  Rapid test kit for COVID-19 I Prof. Naama Geva-Zatorsky I Medicine  >>  Test for pre-symptomatic COVID-19 carriers I Prof. Hossam Haick I Chemical Engineering  >>  Pooling method for accelerated testing of COVID-19 I Prof. Roy Kishony I Biology  >>  Genetic changes in COVID-19 patients as a tool for predicting disease progression I Prof. Yael Mandel-Gutfreund I Biology  >>  AI for evaluation of COVID-19 patients I Profs. Shie Mannor, Uri Shalit, Joachim Behar I Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Biomedical Engineering  >>  Identifying and quantifying RNA using nanopores I Prof. Amit Meller I Biomedical Engineering  >>  Thermal imaging camera for remote measurement of vital signs I Prof. Yonatan Savir I Medicine  >>  Advanced microscopy techniques to detect COVID-19 antibodies I Prof.Yoav Shechtman I Biomedical Engineering  >>  Monitoring the immune status to identify high-risk patients I Prof. Shai Shen-Orr I Medicine>> Diagnostic testing based on throat, blood and urine samples I Prof. Tomer Shlomi I Computer Science  >>  Non-invasive blood test to diagnose COVID-19 I Prof. Dvir Yelin I Biomedical Engineering  >>  Lab-on-a-chip device for early detection of the COVID-19 for home usage I Prof. Gilad Yossifon and Prof. Yehezkel Kashi IMechanical Engineering, Biotechnology and Food Engineering  >>  AI-powered smart stethoscope I Prof. Yehoshua Zeevi and Prof. Rafael Beyar I Electrical Engineering, Medicine  THERAPEUTICS AND VACCINE DEVELOPMENT  Antibodies for ACE-2 receptors I Prof. Zaid Abassi and Prof. Oded Lewinson  >>  Ointment for COVID-19 infections I Prof. Roee Amit I Biotechnology and Food Engineering  >>  Respirators using microturbines I Prof. Beni Cukurel I Aerospace Engineering  >>  Drug development I Prof. Zeev Gross I Chemistry  >>  COVID-19 patient breathing patterns I Prof. Amir Landsberg I Biomedical Engineering  >>  Trapping COVID-19 using nano-ghost technology I Prof. Marcelle Machluf I Biotechnology and Food Engineering  >>  Characterizing cannabinoids to inhibit the cytokine storm and suppress the ACE-2 receptor I Prof. David Meiri I Biology  >> Targeted drug delivery for ARDS I Prof. Avi Schroeder I Chemical Engineering  >>  Vaccine for COVID-19 based on shrimp feed additive I Prof. Avi Schroeder I Chemical Engineering  >>  Direct drug delivery to the lungs I Prof. Dror Seliktar I Biomedical Engineering  >>  Drug development for rapid healing of damaged tissue I Prof. Yuval Shaked I Medicine  >>  Liquid Foam Therapy (LIFT) for treating ARDS I Prof. Josué Sznitman I Biomedical Engineering  >>  Heparin-like drugs to inhibit COVID-19 I Prof. Israel Vlodavsky I Medicine  PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT  Durable surface disinfectant I Prof. Yachin Cohen I Materials Science and Engineering  >>  2D and 3D biocidal surfaces I Prof. Yoav Eichen I Chemistry  >>  Self-disinfecting face masks I Prof. Yair Ein-Eli I Materials Science and Engineering  >>  Long-life antiviral disinfectants I Prof. Shady Farah I Chemical Engineering  >>  Use of UV light to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission indoors I Prof. Ido Kaminer I Electrical Engineering   >>  Analysis of antiviral disinfectants I Prof. Debbie Lindell and Prof. Oded Beja I Biology  >>  Photocatalytic antiviral disinfectant I Prof. Yaron Paz I Chemical Engineering  >>  Antiviral coating I Prof. Boaz Pokroy I Materials Science and Engineering  >>  Air Shield – personal protective equipment for medical personnel I Prof. Ezri Tarazi I Architecture and Town Planning  >>  CoRobot to care for hospital patients in isolationI Prof. Gil Yudilevitch, FIRST alumni I Faculty of Aerospace Engineering  >>  Antiviral protective sticker “Maya” with nanometric fibers I Prof. Eyal Zussman I Mechanical Engineering  >> >>

Prof. Gil Yudilevitch mentored FIRST alumni at the Reali school in Haifa to build a robot for hospital care of patients. The CoRobot was deployed in the Rambam Health Care Campus corona wards.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Research at Technion