Prof. Jacob Rubinstein
Executive Vice President for Research;
CEO of Technion R&D Foundation

Research Authority
Technion had a record year. For the first time it reached over $100M in new research grants. This demonstrates the excellent performance of Technion researchers with the support of the Research Authority staff.

Commercialization Unit T3
Since early 2019, the unit has undergone an extensive overhaul under the leadership of Rona Samler. A total of 47 new contracts were signed, including three new companies and five new licenses. The number of industry-sponsored research agreements continued to decline. We identified this issue as a challenge and are taking steps to improve our position.

Azrieli Division of Continuing Education
Our continuing education unit saw a nice increase in the number of certificate students. On the other hand, the decline in graduate students, particularly in our Tel Aviv Sarona campus, due to constraints imposed upon us by the Council of Higher Education is seriously harming our operations.

The TRDF has enjoyed sizable royalty payments from Azilect in recent years, and a large income from the commercialization of the medical device company Novocure. However, since the Azilect patent expired, the revenues declined by about 35% compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, our researchers contributed an 11% increase in research revenue. The operating income of the TRDF was 29.8M NIS, similar to the preceding two years. The pension payments that reached over 32.2M NIS continue to place a huge burden on our operations.

Record Year for Technion with over $100M in Research Grants


Number of Students at the Technion – Azrieli
Continuing Education and External Studies Division