Prof. Alon Wolf
Vice President for External Relations and Resource Development

The past year has seen considerable changes in the Division of External Relations and Resource Development. The position of Director of Public Affairs and Resource Development (PARD) has been reinstated. The positions of Unit Heads have been absorbed into the new structure and other positions have been created to better respond to Technion’s needs and priorities. In addition, the Technion spokesperson and marketing offices were also incorporated into PARD.

In order to better answer future challenges and needs, new cross-campus initiatives were created by Technion management. PARD is working to establish and secure necessary support for these projects. These include the new Schulich Leaders Entrepreneurship Program and the Technion Innovative Leadership Center.

A major effort within PARD is the digitization of all important printed materials. Photos and films are being digitized and made available in a searchable database archive, instantly retrievable for Technion personnel and strategic partners. All of our paper donor files are being scanned as well. While labor intensive, this effort is vital in order to prevent further deterioration of important historic materials.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the related challenges brought about considerable changes in the Division’s work and focus:

>> PARD staff continued working from home and at Technion throughout the lockdown period, focusing on creating and distributing relevant information and marketing materials, featuring the Technion’s response to the crisis in both research as well as the transition to online teaching and learning.

>> Designated emergency funds were created and PARD worked jointly with the societies in promoting these funds. 

>> PARD began a COVID-19 Technion response strategic global media campaign. A dedicated online platform was created containing all the media resources, which was constantly updated with the latest press releases, research news and Technion film clips. There are some 50 COVID-19 YouTube films in Hebrew and English including research breakthroughs and webinars.

>> Over 15 digital Technion Live COVID-19 newsletters were sent out by email and posted online in Hebrew and English. Technion COVID-19 research news was cited over 1000 times in both the Israeli and world press.

>> Special attention was given to webinars with Technion researchers. These webinars, conducted on zoom and broadcast via social media channels, were organized in collaboration with Technion societies worldwide and reached wide audiences.